QTS joins $17M consortium for quantum algorithm benchmarking

The QTS group, along with other members of the centre for quantum software and information at QSI@UTS, have been selected as a subcontractor on three new grants from the recently announced Quantum Benchmarking program from the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The QTS group will join members of QSI and collaborators including, Boeing,Continue reading “QTS joins $17M consortium for quantum algorithm benchmarking”

Over $1 million awarded to aid quantum education

The QTS group at UTS is proud to be a part of a new award from the CSIRO Data61 to fund the training of new quantum information scientists. Spearheaded by the Sydney Quantum Academy, this new funding will be made available to researchers at UTS, Macquarie University, the University of Sydney and the University ofContinue reading “Over $1 million awarded to aid quantum education”

QTS group awarded more than $40K in quantum server time.

The QTS@UTS group, in collaboration with researchers at Aalto University, Finland and the University of Huntsville, Alabama, have been awarded $30K USD ($42K AUD) on the IonQ hardware platform through Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This hardware time will be utilised to test several new protocols in quantum communications and Quantum Error Correction.