Quantum Sneakernet

We are working on a fundamentally new model of quantum communications that leverages the age old concept of physically carrying around hard drives (in this case, quantum hard drives)

We cannot build a functional communications system unless we can make it fast, and loading informationonto hard drives that are physically shipped around the world would not be the best way for you to binge thelatest Netflix series. A quantum sneakernet does not suffer from this fatal flaw. Flexible and highly complexquantum networking is possible.

A quantum hard drive does not store and transmit any actual quantum information; instead, it stores andtransports quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is the resource that can be utilized – at some latertime – as a virtual communications channel that is consumed to transmit quantum information at the samespeed as the classical side­channel used in quantum teleportation protocols. Consequently, we are able tobuild a quantum sneakernet with the same latency as the classical internet.